“After months of research, I couldn’t decide which diamond tip I wanted to purchase. I’ve used many machines, crystal and diamond tips, and none have been as powerful as this one. The versatility of the different tips makes it possible to provide a unique treatment and experience for our clients. We see over 100 clients per week and they rave about the quality of our treatments.  I love it so much so, I’m purchasing my second one.  Not only does the performance of the equipment make or break your business, the support behind it is equally, if not more important, and you just don’t find that in most companies today.  Purchasing from Danielle has been a breeze!”
Michelle M., Skin Gravy Medical Spa, Gilbert, AZ

“This is a fabulous machine!  I’ve worked with two other machines before.  Both being crystal. This diamond head is so easy to work with.  I feel like I’m providing the safest treatment for my clients.  The results are amazing!!!! Everyone I have treated is blown away with the look and feel of their skin even after the first treatment.  Thank you so much for introducing this beautifully made machine.  It is lightweight.  I can easily travel with it when I give private sessions. I have had it a couple of weeks and it’s already nearly paid for itself.  It is wonderful to add this service to my menu. The extra money is a huge perk!”
Carol A., Esthetician, Davis, CA

“It is a high quality machine that will last for many years.  I think that it is an amazing machine!  My accounts that have purchased it have all been very satisfied with the quality and the results that it achieves.”
Karen K., RN Esthetician, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve used two other diamond tip machines and one crystal microdermabrasion machine in my career as an aesthetician.  When I finally decided to work for myself, I knew I wanted to buy a microdermabrasion machine for my clients that I have already been treating with one.  I had done some investigating and was still unsure until I found out Danielle was selling one.  I came in to her office, tried it out and was hooked.  I love this machine, my clients love this machine!  We’ve seen better results and I can feel the difference of quality when I’m using it.  It’s suction is much smoother.  This machine literally paid for itself in one week.  Thank you so much for this amazing piece of equipment.”
Maria H., NCEA Certified Aesthetician, Sacramento, CA

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your class on micro peeling yesterday! It was nice that it was an intimate setting and we were all able to get our questions answered. It was especially awesome that you knew so much about each peel line with every line being so different! I learned a lot! My practice is focused on corrective skin care and i am just introducing the use of micro in tandem with my peels. I needed to learn the “ABC’s” because although I can take an aggressive approach I want to be able to send clients away feeling and looking good, not always needing down time.
Elizabeth K., Esthetician, Business owner, St Simons Island, GA

I absolutely love my Skin Smooth Pro microdermabrasion machine!! I purchased my machine in July and could not be happier with it. Using the machine in my treatment room has not only boosted business for me, but also made my clients extremely happy with their treatments. Clients tell me they love how their skin looks and feels “so smooth and soft”. Performing the microdermabrasion treatment with this remarkable machine has made my clients skin come alive again and be able to breathe. Adding this service to a facial is so easy, all of my clients want to try it! I also have had this done to my skin and it looks so healthy and vibrant! Not to mention the sleek design of the machine and it’s quiet motor that doesn’t disturb my relaxed clients on the treatment table. Thank you for building and selling such a quality, efficient machine.
Danielle C., Spa owner/ Esthetician Redding, CA

“The class was great! It gave me confidence with the microdermabrasion machine. As far as the structure of the class, I liked that it wasn’t all lecture/demo, but a good blend of the two and a lot of hands-on time. Plus every time I take a class with Danielle, I feel like I learn something new about skin or ingredients. She is a fantastic educator and I love her spirit! Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the class!” (Microdermabrasion Hands-On)

Jennifer H., Esthetician, Sacramento, CA.

“I had a great experience at the microdermabrasion class. Danielle is very knowledgeable and I always walk away ready to take my business to the next level.” (Microdermabrasion Hands-on)
Brittany W., Esthetician, Roseville, CA.

“OMG the class was fantastic as always – but what I really love is Danielle’s encouragement in thinking outside the box and how to use different modalities in our treatments! Her creativity overflows and inspires me to be my best self.”
(Microdermabrasion Hands-on)
Rene F., Esthetician, Roseville, CA.

“The class was very informative. It was helpful to hear some of the differences between crystal vs. diamond. I feel much more confident in going forward with promoting micro. Danielle is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and a fantastic educator. I am looking forward to future classes!”
Cynthia A., Esthetician, Sacramento, CA